1. Real time polygon world
    The player can move around the Machines world with freedom as well as being able to move inside buildings.
    This allows further extension of the strategic elements found within Machines as the player can hide units inside buildings, attack units inside buildings and sneak units inside buildings to conduct covert operation of sabotage and espionage ( stealing research secrets ).
  2. Weather conditions
    Because we can alter the range of the fogging effects in Machines we can cause 'storms' ( sand, snow, dust ) to descend upon the player and thus affect visibility and therefore his identification of friendly and enemy units.
  3. Administrators
    These machines allow the player to give higher level commands to the squadrons that Administrators control. For instance an Administrator can be told to 'build a Mine' and he will orchestrate his subordinates to do so. First sending the locator(s) to find mineral deposits, then ordering the Constructor(s) to build a mine and finally organising transportation of the mineral back to a Smelter by the Transporter(s).
  4. Night & Day
    This allows us to effectively have differing length of day and night and in a similar fashion to 'storms' will require the player to shift his tactical analysis. All machines are fitted with night vision sensors and this will result in the world being viewed through a 'green' night vision tint. Some worlds in the Campaign mode will have differing day light and night time hours further helping to make each world unique.
  5. Multiple machines types
    The player can research and build eighteen different types of machine with each type having between three and five different levels of technological development.
  6. Multiple construction types
    The player can build nine different types of construction with each type having between three and five different levels of technological development.
  7. Multiple weapon types
    The player can research and build more than 15 different types of 'standard' weapon. Ranging from Flame Throwers to Plasma Rifles. And more than 10 different types of 'special' weapon ranging from Virus Launchers to Ion Orbital Cannons and nuclear Weapons.
  8. Mix and match weapons
    Separate weapons research allows the player to fit different machines types with different weapons.
  9. Zenith views / 3rd person views / 1st person views
    The player has the luxury of being able to switch his viewpoint in the world. He can play from a traditional isometric viewpoint or use a 3rd person 'free camera' down on the planet's surface. The views available include switching to 1st person and embodying individual machines to take control of their command systems, i.e. an Aggressor's targeting systems.
  10. Campaign game
    A multitude of different worlds to play on in a 'universe campaign' that requires the player to travel from one side of the universe to the other in search of his enemy's home worlds.
  11. Network multi-player game
    Up to four players can network this game.
  12. Defcon. settings
    These allow the player to set the 'bravado' settings for each machine.
  13. Software research for more intelligent machines
    The player can use research labs and technicians to developer higher 'brains' for his machines. These brains ( software ) can be inserted into any machine currently in production. This causes the machine to function at a higher level and utilise higher level commands.
  14. Weapons research
    Building a weapons research lab allows new and exotic tools of destruction to be developed.
  15. Sabotage and espionage
    'Spy Locators' are machines that enable the player to deposit mines inside enemy buildings, steal research and generally pass back vital enemy information.
  16. Water
    The presence of water in the Machines world not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but produces many interesting strategic considerations for the players.