No cheats were coded into machines. However by altering your computer's registry settings, certain desirable results can be achieved...

access all areas...
All levels may be accessed in Machines without the user having to play through them all to completion. There are two ways to use this cheat - BOTH REQUIRE CARE!:

  1. Start a DOS command prompt, change to the Machines directory and type in
    set cb_showallscenarios=1
    (numeral one), then type
    to run the exe. (The DOS command prompt may be accessed via the Program Start Menu->run->dosprmpt)
    Change directory using the cd command, for example,
    cd "\program files\acclaim entertainment\machines"
  2. Add a line
    set cb_showallscenarios=1
    (numeral one) to your autoexec.bat and the option will be set next time you reboot your machine (this is normally better but the uninstall will not remove this line for you).
    (To edit the autoexec.bat, run sysedit.exe via the Program Start Menu->run->sysedit)